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Digital Camera Control System for Virtual Reality (VR) Imaging

Key Features

Processor controlled accuracy
Programmable field of capture at any zoom setting
Panorama stitching and object creation software
Object viewing software
Lightweight, rugged, portable design
Infrared remote control
Internal rechargeable battery with external power option
Compatible with leading Virtual Reality viewers:
Apple Corp. - Quicktime VRTM
MGI Software - PhotoVistaTM
Java applets
Supports leading digital cameras:


Site Virtual Tours:
Real Estate Listings
Convention Centers
News Events
Object Display:
Online Catalogs

On-line documentation

SpinScape-1 User's Guide v1.2
493 KB

Olympus E-10 & E-20 Trigger Kit
1.9 MB

The Future Image Report, Aug 2001
(includes SpinScape-1 review)
534 KB

Click for larger 62KB imageSpinScape-I is a digital camera control system that dramatically simplifies multi-image panoramic capture for virtual reality (VR) and object viewing.

This unique microprocessor-based system provides the accuracy and flexibility that enables users to select their field of capture at any zoom setting. This distinctive design approach, coupled with SpinPic’s stitching and object viewing software, significantly reduces stitching time. Large high-resolution panoramic images can be created within a few minutes and with minimal skill. SpinScape-I can also create 360o views of various objects in the same manner. 

Our system was developed for photo enthusiasts who have a broad range of photographic applications. Its lightweight, rugged and portable design is ideal for use in the field. Our product is compatible with a variety of digital cameras and virtual reality viewers.

Sample Panoramic images
Hint: Print in "Landscape" mode

For additional, information please contact us at:prodinfo@spinpic.com

Standard Price List:

Basic SpinScape:
SpinScape-1 with charger for use in USA $1295
SpinScape-1 with charger for international use $1325

Note: Camera, tripod & trigger cable are not included with SpinScape-1

SpinScape options:
Custom fitted case $99
SpinTable, 12in $45
Charger for international use (100-240VAC) $49
Auto charging cord (12V DC) $29
Camera Trigger Kit, Olympus E10 $155

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