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Relationship Offers Convenience & Versatility for Printing Large Panoramic and Virtual Reality Digital Images

New York City, IAP2000, June 26, 2000 - On the eve of PC EXPO, SpinPic , a closely-held Silicon Valley Startup enterprise announced a new strategic partnership with ez prints, the Internet's preferred e-photo finishing source. 

"We are committed to making the digital photography experience as convenient and easy for the end-user as possible," said Bob Miller, president and CEO of ez prints. "This partnership allows panoramic and virtual reality photographers the first expedient method of transforming their unique format digital images into 35mm-quality prints that can each sell for as much as a thousand dollars or more. It is yet another example ez prints' commitment to providing customers and business partners with a spectrum of quick and high-quality solutions for printing digital images."

Digital cameras present an easy and convenient way to create exciting prints in panoramic form. Using leading stitching software, photo enthusiasts can combine separate shots into a continuous image and send their work to ez prints for guaranteed 24-hour processing. ez prints offers a variety of prints from wallet size to 20x30, panoramic prints in sizes up to 12 x 60, as well as a variety of photo personalized items. 

"When I first heard of ez prints, I was somewhat skeptical of what I would receive back as image prints." Said W. David Schwaderer, SpinPic President and CTO. "But, when I received my first printed images, I was simply stunned. Each panoramic print was faithfully rendered on Kodak Professional photographic paper. The six-inch high prints were as much as four feet long, and each was simply flawless. I was so impressed, I immediately called to thank them and the partnership idea was born. At SpinPic, our partnering motto is 'Run with the winners' and the ez prints' relationship fully embodies this."

Continuing the ez prints' tradition as the industry's most innovative and customer-friendly e-photo finishing source, this relationship leverages ez prints' already existing "push-button" solution for both consumers and business partners. 

About ez prints 

ez prints is the leading e-photo finishing source for business partners and consumers. With more than 100 years of combined photo finishing and digital technology experience with companies such as IBM, Kodak, Fuji and Micrografx, the ez prints management team is uniquely able to offer unparalleled service to its customers and business partners. ez prints provides a turnkey digital image e-photo finishing solution that integrates seamlessly with its partners' services, providing them with expanded product offerings and revenue opportunities. In addition to panoramic prints, ez prints offers a full range of 35mm-quality prints, from wallet size to 11x14, as well as Brilliant Wow! and photo personalized items such as calendars, greeting cards, mouse pads and T-shirts. All prints are guaranteed to ship in less than 24 hours. ez prints is well known for high-quality, speed, customer service and reasonable prices. Those interested in partnering with ez prints should call 1-888-252-9575 or visit the ez prints Web site at www.ezprints.com

About SpinPic 

SpinPic is a privately-held Silicon Valley enterprise dedicated to providing superior digital imaging solutions for Web applications. We develop low cost, high quality, and lightweight digital imaging systems. These extremely portable systems allow photographers with minimal skill to easily produce dynamic digital wide-angle photographs and panoramas. A variety of Web applications can immediately use the content, and those that do receive significant advantage in becoming best of class.

SpinPic systems produce output in minutes, versus the hours or days that professional photographers require. Professional systems cost as much as 15 to 30 times as much. Such images have sold for as much as $20,000.

SpinPic will reveal its product line and pricing in August 2000. SpinPic will forever transform the Web by eliminating the obstacles preventing panoramic and virtual reality digital imaging from achieving widespread mainstream application use. SpinPic can be reached at prodinfo@spinpic.com

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